Choosing a Window Room A/C

Although the new trend in cooling systems is central air conditioning, ask it is not an option for many people and it is also not very cost effective for those on a budget. There are still a lot of homes that use window AC units and here we will discuss a few tips on how to choose the right one and get the most bang out of your buck!

Determine Dimensions

  • Look at the space that you have to cool
  • Look at where you will be placing the unit in the room to maximize results
  • Ensure that you have measured the dimensions of the spot you will be installing your unit so that it will fit the first time
  • Ensure that you have measured the dimensions of the room. You do not want one that is too small and will not cool the room at all, thumb or one that is too big and will cool too quickly leaving the room cold

Drawer Dishwasher : What is it? PT2.

  • When using a drawer dishwasher, click you do not lose the effectiveness of how it cleans the dishes or the efficiency of the machine, case however you do lose capacity
  • You have the option to fill up either drawer to set only one for cleaning or both at the same time. This gives you flexibility depending on how many dishes you have for washing and will save you money on your water and energy bill
  • The drawer dishwasher is generally installed into a higher cabinet area which will keep you from bending or stooping too low and will help when loading and unloading loads
  • You have the option to use either drawer or both at the same time; however, if you are using both at the same time they are independent from each other so you are able to turn on different wash cycles for each. This gives you flexibility depending on the type of dishes that you are washing. You can load smaller more delicate items such as glassware in the top drawer and large pots and pans in the bottom drawer

Drawer Dishwasher : What is it?

A drawer dishwasher gives you most of the features of a traditional built-in dishwasher, cialis but also adds other features that you may be interested in if you’re in the market! It is definitely worth considering as an option that may surprise you with what it has to offer.

A drawer dishwasher has two separate washing areas that are located in the upper and lower drawer. This means that you have the option to use either washing areas depending on how large your load is.

Frigidaire iQ Drive FS4BI



This air conditioning unit is a very quiet device. It features sound levels as low as 59 decibels, which makes it one of the quietest central AC units available. A normal conversation registers about 60 decibels, so you could conceivably talk to a neighbor near this unit while it is running and hear the whole thing. Other units, especially older ones, produce much more sound.

A composite base pan is also provided, which helps prevent rust and other issues and aids in the low sound output of the device. There is also a compressor sound blanket to damper sound as much as possible at what is potentially the noisiest part of the system. The swept-wing design of the fan blades also helps this unit to operate with minimal noise.



The Frigidaire IQ drive’s design is top of the line. It is built from durable metal to protect the device in all types of weather conditions. It features a removable top grille, allowing you to easily access the interior of the device, making maintenance simple. At just over 38 inches at its largest measurement, this unit is very compact, so it will disrupt your landscape only minimally.

Help & Support


A 10-year parts warranty is included with this central air conditioning system. If the compressor fails within those 10 years, Frigidaire’s 10-year Comfort Quality Pledge states that the company will replace the entire unit. We saw lifetime warranties on some air conditioning units but 10 years is still quite respectable. Frigidaire’s online resources for customers are decent, but we found other manufacturers offered a little more. We did get fast responses to our email inquiries.

Frigidaire iQ Drive Summary:


The Frigidaire iQ Drive is a unique air conditioner. It has a low noise output and highly energy-efficient features that will help you save on your electrical bill. The design is excellent and offers the potential for exceptionally high SEER levels when combined with the right components. The ability to control this unit with a smartphone would make it even more impressive, but the Frigidaire iQ Drive provides powerful results and the high performance you look for in the best air conditioning units.

LG Makes Appliances Seem Odd! PT 3.

lg appliances

The most interesting appliance that LG had on show was the second generation of its Styler cleaning system. It’s essentially a narrow closet that can store and clean dress jackets and pants. LG says that the styler basically does a dry cleaning process without chemicals — it’ll steam your clothing to kill smells and bacteria and hopefully leave them free of wrinkles. Which sounds awesome. The new version is a bit narrower (the photo above depicts two units side-by-side) and is supposed to be more affordable than the original model (though LG hasn’t announced its specific price just yet). It’s also made the Styler’s controls look way more futuristic, as turning the machine on makes options start glowing out of its black door. The Styler also pairs with an LG app that can be used to select more specific cleaning settings or determine what’s broken in the machine should something go wrong.

Continuing its innovations with doors, LG also has on show this year a dryer with a door that can open in two different directions. Grabbing the door from the top, you can either swing it open to the side or you can pull it open toward you. LG thinks that you’ll want to open the door toward you while loading the dryer, allowing clothing to easily slide in. Opening the door to the side, LG thinks, makes more sense for unloading. We’ve been living just fine for decades with only uni-directional doors, so it’s hard to say that this is truly helpful. That said, it certainly is a convenience, however slight.

LG plans to ship all of these in the next quarter or two, though it hasn’t set prices on most of them yet. As crazy and unnecessary as many of these things are, they’re definitely useful — and if you see them while shopping, you’re probably going to be at least a little tempted to get one for your home.

LG Makes Appliances Seem Odd! PT 2.

lg appliances

Easily the most excessive appliance innovation that’s on show at LG’s booth is a refrigerator with six doors, two of which are hidden behind other doors. LG says that it invented the door-within-a-door concept, and that the design has quickly spread through the industry (you can already find plenty of fridges from other manufacturers with a single door-within-a-door). Now, not interested in being disrupted, LG is going all out with a double door-in-door. To break this down: there are two freezer doors on the bottom of the fridge. On top, there are two doors in front of the fridge area. Opening those will reveal two additional doors that double as storage shelves. Opening those finally grants you access to the fridge. If you find yourself buying too many groceries, or if you just love forgetting about perishables hidden in your fridge, this is definitely for you. (Just be warned: it may have six doors, but it doesn’t have a water dispenser.)

LG Makes Appliances Seem Odd!

You can always find weirdly high-tech appliances at CES, be it a washing machine that receives text messages or a refrigerator with a tablet grafted onto it. But you can also find some of the strangest versions of everyday appliances, too. And this year, the strangest are definitely at LG’s booth.

lg appliances

The appliance that attracted the biggest crowd was easily LG’s Twin Wash washing machine. It’s mostly just a normal washing machine, but on the bottom there’s a second miniature washing machine. LG’s idea is that you can put in two loads at once to save time or use the mini washer for a small number of delicates that you want to put on a different cycle. The bottom machine uses less water and takes less time, too, so it could be good for a quick load. The Twin Wash will ship this spring, with pricing expected to be around $600 or so.

Refrigerator Features Defined

Refrigerator Features Defined

Open Door Alarms

  • These ‘door open’ alarms will beep when the refrigerator is open for an extended period of time and it senses that it was not meant to be open for so long
  • This is an efficient feature because it will keep you from leaving the fridge open without you knowing

Humidity Control/Crisper Drawer

  • The humidity control feature inside of the refrigerator helps to control the humidity of the drawers where you are storing your fruits and vegetables
  • In some models, doctor there is also a crisper drawer where you can store greens and salad leaves to keep them crisp and fresh


  • There are manual thermostats in every refrigerator where you can control the temperature settings for the fridge as well as the freezer
  • Typically there are recommended settings which are found in the instruction manual, cialis but if these do not suit your preferences, you are able to manually set the temperature in each part of the refrigerator unit

Double Door Refrigerators: Cons

There are many different models of refrigerators on the market right now, sildenafil but if you are looking to purchase specifically double door refrigerators, you may want to read this article to give you all of the pros and cons to make sure that you are making the right, online educated decision for you and your family.


Energy Efficiency

  • When extra features are added to any appliance, the energy consumption increases. This is true also for double door refrigerators which are packed with features
  • Double door refrigerators will increase your energy bill because it has a larger capacity to cool
  • Frost-free features consumer large amounts of energy due to having defrost in intervals so that no thickening of frost occurs


  • Double door refrigerators are much more expensive due to capacity
  • The larger storage capacity that a refrigerator offers, the higher the cost


  • There are many different manufacturers and models that they offer which are not always readily available
  • When doing research into what features are your must haves, you may find that the model that you are in search for is not carried by your local retailer
  • You may need to special order or wait to receive the product
  • You may also encounter issues finding the colour that you are looking for, which also may need to be ordered

Double Door Refrigerators: Pros

There are many different models of refrigerators on the market right now, and but if you are looking to purchase specifically double door refrigerators, you may want to read this article to give you all of the pros and cons to make sure that you are making the right, cialis educated decision for you and your family.


No Frost!

  • Frost is generally responsible for cooling the freezer part of the refrigerator unit, sovaldi however, it can build up and take space away from your freezer
  • Double door refrigerators have a frost-free automatic feature that ensures that this build up of frost does not occur in your freezer – the freezer is generally found at the bottom of the unit in a double door refrigerator

Greater Capacity

  • Larger items can be stored with ease as both doors open
  • Both doors are designed in a way that when both are opened, they take up less space than traditional doors
  • There is a greater capacity for storage

Enhanced Cooling Feature

  • The new enhanced cooling features on double door refrigerators keeps food cooled right and preserves the food longer
  • Larger amounts of food can be stored and preserved because of this technology
  • This technology is able to help to preserve food longer as both doors are opened more frequently

Large Freezing Area

  • Some double door refrigerator models have a bottom freezer which allows you to conveniently open just the freezer without having to go into the fridge. It also offers extra separate space for your groceries.
  • If you have a built in freezer, it has a separate compartment which allows easy access and ensures separate storage for freezing.